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Geary's Kempo Karate

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Geary’s Kempo Karate is a highly regarded Karate/Martial Arts School located in Omaha, Nebraska that has proudly served the community for over 25 years. This establishment focuses on teaching practical and realistic, “Real Life” techniques so the student may have the confidence to defend themselves. 

The art of Kempo/Kenpo is a blend of traditional and modern self-defense systems for everyday situations. This school is not a commercialized sport or a corporate franchise academy that provides a false sense of security by promoting students to Black Belt just because they bought it.

Prof. Geary is a Marine Corps Veteran with impeccable martial arts credentials, developing seasoned and educated martial artists that gain a sense of pride and self-worth. Students learn attention to detail and perfection including patience and self-control, not only for the art of Kempo/Kenpo but for everyday life.

The State of Nebraska does not require a person(s) to have any credentials or certifications before owning/operating a martial arts school. It is highly recommended that the customer view the instructor’s martial art linage and credentials before becoming a student of any school.