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Geary's Kempo Karate

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Master's Guide

Geary's Kempo Karate Master's Guide.

The Master’s Guide is a 200-page book written by Prof. Geary over the last two decades. It’s a great tool that complements what the student will learn while pursuing their various ranks and titles in the art of Christopher N. Geary’s Shaolin Ch'uan Fa under his instruction.  This book also goes into great depth about the history of Kempo Karate and how it has transformed throughout the centuries.

The Master’s Guide provides concise step by step instruction which will allow the student to refine and master each requirement of the respective rank they currently hold. This will allow the student to transition to the next degree or rank without fail. As a student, with the Master’s Guide as a tool, one will have no excuse for failure.

It's highly recommended that all students purchase the Master's Guide to further their studies in the art. The book is provided to the student in a digital format for their convenience so the student may practice the art and view it with their mobile device from anywhere. 

Very few martial art schools and styles have such a detailed book to help guide and teach the student. This is just one more example of the importance of doing research and finding a professional and qualified instructor for your martial arts journey.