Prices And Class Times

When searching for a martial arts school for you or your family, please do your research before enrolling in classes, the State of Nebraska does not require a person(s) to have any credentials or certifications before owning/operating a martial arts school. It is highly recommended that the customer view the instructor’s martial art linage and credentials before becoming a student of any school. Prof. Geary has been in business since June 29, 1994 and is the only certified 10th Degree Black Belt (the highest level of Black Belt and Grand Master) Instructor in Nebraska.

Prices for classes at many martial arts schools can be very misleading. Shortly after joining, there may be extra fees or hidden costs that the customer may feel pressured to pay for or add on to their membership. It is easy to add to a membership, but not easy to cancel one. Please read your membership thoroughly and ask questions if there are any concerns.

In many cases, martial arts schools in higher rent areas are charging more only to pay their higher overhead costs and offer a convenience to you because of their location, not necessarily for better instruction. Many of these schools throughout the country, including Omaha, are hoping that the customer doesn’t do their research and simply chooses the school down the street. So you should ask yourself before becoming a student or signing up your children, are you looking for quality martial arts instruction or just a convenient location?

It is also recommended that you look at the Omaha Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website when looking for a martial arts school. While a good organization, it costs businesses over $500.00 per year to be an accredited (BBB) member. In order to keep prices down for students, Geary’s Kempo Karate is not a member but has the most positive reviews than all schools in the Omaha Metropolitan Area combined. 


$75.00 per month (12 month) or $85.00 per month (6 month) memberships. Each additional family member receives 50% off. A Kempo Karate uniform (gi) is included.

Class Times

Child Classes: Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-7:30 pm or Saturday 10:00-12:00 pm. 

Adult Classes: Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-8:30 pm or Saturday 12-2 pm.

All classes are limited to ten (10) students per class.

Interested in becoming a member? Ask about a $20.00 30 minute private class or a 1 hour group class. 

Specialty programs are available when the student is ready (with unlimited classes including private instruction): Ask about the Black Belt and Master's Clubs including Instructor Training Programs. Private instruction is also available for Non-Students at $50.00 per hour.